Arta Reboot: Title Pose

Arta Title Pose
Rebooting Arta.  Here’s the story…

Time has eroded the human race to near extinction.  Those who remain must find a successor in a new species.  Among the many desperate attempts, sits a lone rocky world forced to sustain an implanted jungle.  Incuso and its garden, home to the Vower – a new organism capable of perpetuating intelligent life across the galactic void.  But first it must evolve.

Aiding their ascension from primitive to enlightened are the Artas: human based bio-machines built to promote Vower organic and psychological evolution. Through genetic pollination, they guide Vower biology. Through war, they guide them to civilization.

See their world here:


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Leia Cang – New Style, New Character


Still feeling out where I want to take my C4D adventure. But, for now, I’m trying out a new character – Leia Cang. So this one is entirely C4D – except for her eyebrows. There are plenty of PS touch ups and stylizing but very little was reworked.

Jadexs Versus Slidic


Art is never finished, only abandoned. Well, it’s better than “Jadexs 1st 3D” but I don’t think I’ll be making Jadexs versus Slidic a series. But the slime says it all – I need to hunt for better tricks.